"Dear A-1 Crew, we had tried unsuccessfully and never had a nice fescue lawn
(especially under the big oak trees in the rear), until you worked your magic. We have
referred you to two neighbors, already. Thanks for the dramatic transformation!"

- G. Belvue
Turf Selection

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It is paramount to know what turf type will or will not work in your specific situation.

Example:  It is difficult (not impossible) to grow and propagate Fescue in wide open sun this deep South (upstate) without having to baby the lawn. With that being said, it is equally difficult to grow and propagate a warm season turf type in a shady area. (Centipede and Emerald Zoysia are "slight" exceptions).

Natural succession of trees should be taken into consideration if they are shade type trees. Fescue is probably the prettiest lawn, and stays green year round. However, it is also the highest maintenance. (Requires more mowing, more weed control, and most likely and annual reseed depending on the weather conditions).

If you have children, pets, or turf  is exposed to high foot traffic warm season grasses such as Bermuda, Zoysia and Centipede would be better choices. Warm season grasses do turn brown in the winter months, but can be over seeded with perennial Rye grass or dyed for winter time green color. It all depends on personal preferences, feasibility,and your level of acceptable maintenance. 

Please contact us for more tips and recommendations.
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