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PH Balancing

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It is highly recommended that you have your lawn or turf checked for PH requirements annually. It is not as critical for your shrubs and ornamentals, but they would definately benefit as well.

If you have shade trees, nine out of ten times you will need a limestone application. (Peletized Lime is better because it is not as messy as pulverized Lime. It should not be inhaled). The ideal PH is between 6.0 and 7.0 for most turf grasses.

One of the exceptions is Centipede, 5.8 is fine for it.  That is the reason Centipede does well naturally in the upstate, because most of the time that is what your soil analysis will indicate it presently is. Basically, the way it works hypothetically, if you applicated one hundred pounds of appropriate fertilizer to your lawn or turf and it had a poor PH reading you could be wasting as much as 60 % of the fertilizer treatment (that is 60 lbs. of waste).

When the Ph is ideal, (most of the time it should be 6.5) your soil's ability to absorb the fertilization will be "unlocked".  It takes 45+ days to raise the Ph. Hence, this should be done before the growing season or reseeding to bring it to the optimum level. The good news is clay/loam type soils hold their Ph longer, but take longer to get it to optimum level. Sandy soils raise Ph quicker, but do not keep the optimum Ph as long. Do not miss the importance of this step. It is the number #2 reason of a failed lawn (#1 is lack of water).
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