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A lot could be said on this subject. Please call or e-mail us for more specific topics. Here is a general guideline.
1) Identify your turf type first (is it Fescue, Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia, Bahia, etc.).
2) Always use fertilizer that is for your specific turf type (example: 28-5-11 is for warm season turf. If you apply this to Fescue during the warmer months, you will harm it).

3) Always use a selective weed control herbicide "labeled" for your turf type (Image selective herbicide is the only product labeled for Centipede turf weed control).

4) During hotter months mow the turf on a higher height setting using a sharp blade. This will help produce healthier turf and is resistant to fungus that can wipe your lawn out (especially Fescue). 
5) Have your PH checked annually for lime/sulpher requirements (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP).
6) Water in early mornings only when the daily temperature is above 90 degrees.
7) "Lack of water" is the number one cause of a failed lawn.
8) Do not scalp the lawn or mow too short.
9) Apply fungicides "preventative rate" starting in late May or Early June to prevent fungus brown patch, snow mold, anthractnose, etc..
10) Problematic areas in the lawn should be top dressed with quality top soil if insects and fungus have been ruled out.
11) Fescue lawns should be core aerated, reseeded with a "turf type" Fescue in early September.
12) When in doubt, enlist a professional!
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